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Zoya’s generation, a total of 8, was hatched in 1958 in Siberia (in ‘Gargoyle years’ Zoya is only in her early 20’s.). They lived a life of relative ease with a small, out of the way village close to them. They would often times trade meat for furs with the humans and would also protect their human charges in exchange for their safety at night.

In 2002, this peace came to an unsteady halt when a stranger arrived in the village, having been exiled from Moscow for being unable to deliver a thoroughly promised engineering product. This stranger, a man named Vaako, slowly began to convince the villagers that their gargoyle companions were not only abominations, but that they would turn on the humans eventually. Vaako’s message did get through after much persuasion and while

Zoya was out hunting with three of her rookery mates and two of the senior members of their clan, the villagers and Vaako waited until sunrise and destroyed the gargoyles they’d sworn to protect.

Zoya and her clan returned to rubble. Her rookery mates and one of the eldest of them became filled with rage and, sparing only the women and children of the village, they killed all the men, including Vaako, and destroyed much of the village. In light of this, the other elder found that he could not lead in his age, and the other clan members to be without wisdom or tolerance. Zoya became the clone leader. Recalling that in 1998 they had been approached by a representative of Xanatos Enterprises about moving the clan to a place of safety, Zoya swallowed her pride for her home and sought out Xanatos. Telling him of the continued violence against gargoyles, Xanatos welcomed them to Manhattan. Taking their 5 childre and the remaining six adult gargoyles, the Siberian clan made the move to America.


Zoya is fiercely protective of what is left of her clan. She is stubborn and prideful to the point that at times, she must swallow both for the sake of her clan. However, her deep felt love and loyalty to her clan also keeps them safe. She is often times unsure of her decisions because of her youth, but she puts up a more confident front to her clan than what is true.



Zoya has no children to speak of, but her first breeding season is in 2008. She’s looking forward to contributing to her clan’s population, though as of yet hasn’t found a mate.


Zoya’s mother was Aleksandra and her father was Pavel. Both perished in the 2002 massacre. Zoya was their second hatchling, their first being Savin, who also perished in 2002.

Played ByEdit

Zoya is played by Lilly. Go to the Players page to read more.