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Mai was born in Paris, France but moved to the Unites States when she was three years old. Her father is a French ambassador. Her mother immigrated to France in 1975 after the Vietnam War. She met Alphonse, a lawyer, that same year and they began seeing each other. They married in 1978 and then had Mai in 1979.

When Mai’s family moved to the United States, the first move was to Washington D.C. Mai attended private schools and was very popular. She excelled at writing and was the founder and first editor-in-chief of her school newspaper, The Sentinel Times. After graduating, she received a scholarship to *** in New York City and majored in Journalism at Columbia University. Mai graduated with honors and is currently working as a field reporter for the Watch 10 news station in Manhattan.


Very ambitious, Mai likes adventure and to achieve her goals. She can be very competitive, which sometimes gets her in trouble because she isn’t always considerate of those she’s competing against. Mai does have a strong sense of morality and tries to live by it, though sometimes she does slip. It was this strong sense of morality that led her to help David Xanatos to portray the gargoyles in a more positive light.



In college Mai met Jesse Constantine. He was in school to be a lawyer. After college the two moved in together and remained a couple for a few years until Jesse’s work became too much. The two amicably split and remain friends still.


Mai’s mother is Xuan Laurent, a Vietnamese immigrant, and her father is a French ambassador named Alphonse Laurent.

Played ByEdit

Mai Laurent is played by Lilly. Go to the Players page to read more.