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Born Janine Renard, Fox is the daughter of businessman Halcyon Renard, and his wife, Anastasia. Where her father valued personal integrity and honor above all else, Janine preferred "thrills" and fell in love with David Xanatos.

Fox led the Pack up until its breakout from prison, when she chose to quit the team and remain behind bars. Gaining early parole, she and Xanatos became engaged, and married. At one point, she attemped a takeover of her father’s company, Cyberbiotics. She did fail, but her father took no real pleasure in it as his only child didn’t share his values. Eventually, Fox did calm down when she gave birth to her son, Alexander. Shortly after that, she discovered a startling truth about herself. Her mother, Anastasia, is actually Queen of the Children of Oberon, Titania. Because of this, her and Alexander have magical abilities. Fox has gone forward with her family and made successful attempts at being a family woman and, at least a little, cutting down on the action in her life. Currently, she’s pregnant with her and David’s second child.


While Fox has settled down from her wild days with the Pack, she is still a formidable woman and a force to be reckoned with. She is not someone you want to cross. Fox is content to play the society wife to her beloved Xanatos and their son, Alex. She has a strong role in helping run her husband's company, providing valuable insight and opinions. A caring wife and mother, she is completely devoted to her family, which now includes the Gargoyles, having put their past troubles aside. After all, when you have Gargoyles willing to babysit and handle feedings and diaper changes in the middle of the night so you can sleep, it's smart to take the offer!



While not much is known about her romantic liaisons before David, they were an item when he put together The Pack and after Fox’s release from jail, they became engaged and married shortly after.


Alexander Fox Xanatos was born in July 1996. So far, he is Fox’s only child, though she and David are expecting another one; he or she should be born in September of 2006.


Fox’s mother is Anastasia, also known as Titania, the queen of the Children of Oberon. Her father is a mortal named Halcyon Renard. Titania and Halcyon are divorced.

Played ByEdit

Fox Xanatos is played by Amy. Go to the Players page to read more.