This is a complete listing of all the characters on Gargoyles: Rebirth. All Original (created by the player) characters are marked with italics.

Any character profiles submitted are subject to approval by the admin.

Featured CharacterEdit


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Zoya is the young leader of the Siberian clan, recent Gargoyle immigrants to Manhattan. Most of her clan was slain by the village they protected when a Quarrymen supporter came into town and convinced the villagers that the gargoyles would eventually turn on their human companions.

Taken CharactersEdit

The following characters are taken. You can see what character belongs to who by clicking on the character and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Fox Xanatos Mai Laurent Michael St. John
Eva Bratt

Recently Available CharactersEdit

The following characters are characters that have become available due to a player dropping them voluntarily or by exiting the game.

Currently there are no game-established available characters.

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